How a desire to hug somebody began filling a tummy 

In November 2013, Maris saw a TV-program about orphans. From that day forward she could not stop thinking about orphans. 

Maris felt a desire to do something concrete. She contacted an orphanage in Estonia to offer her help as a volunteer, to hug and love them. The answer she got was unexpected: they didn’t need any volunteers; they already had enough employees.

“Maybe they thought I was some kind of a pervert,” Maris thought, trying to understand their attitude.  “People can’t believe somebody really wants to share their love with somebody.”

“During the spring I began following Zambian orphans on Facebook, I realized it was a worthwhile enterprise and those lovely children really received help, but there were hundreds of similar organizations that one could support…. One evening, after I finished reading about the Zambian orphans, I was eating supper when suddenly I started crying, and unable to continue eating, I thought, “Here I am, enjoying simple luxuries, and they can’t afford even the most basic necessities”.

Deeply touched by this incident, Maris felt she could not remain passive anymore. “The Bible says in James 1:27, that the right kind of worship is helping widows and orphans,” she says.  And so it happened that Maris discovered she could help a young boy, Andrew, from a village in Zambia not go hungry anymore. 

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