Growing into a helper. Piret writes:

Ten years ago, in 2004, a lady from Estonia, Rael Leedjärv, began her missionary work in Kenya. 

Rael was employed by a Finnish-Swedish mission organization and she was supervising their foster parent donations distribution to Kenyan orphans. That was when I first heard about this kind of sponsorship.

Although Rael had been in Kenya as a missionary with the Estonian Lutheran Church for four years, her ministry did not result in any of Estonian sponsorship of orphans. Estonians were asked to support Rael’s ministry, not the orphans, and as her missionary assignment expired, the support flow also stopped. Last year, to my surprise, I learned that one of our churches has now begun supporting a similar ministry in Zambia, and that there were even more sponsors among the Estonians!

For the last year and a half, I have been following a TV-program, Pueblo de Dios, on Catholic missions in third world countries. Even there they mostly talk about orphan centers in South-America and Africa. I do not usually watch much TV and why this particular program has so caught my attention, I don’t really know…

In the spring 2014, when we began getting information about different sponsorship programs of the Friends of Zambia, l had been pondering over what I should do with a portion of my tithe. As this sum equaled the recommended donation to a Zambian orphan, I decided in favor of the sponsorship. For me, it was important that not only monetary help was being provided by Christian ministry, but that their souls were also being taken care of.  

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