Re-child after 19 years 

Thea writes: My story is short and clearly supernatural.

My husband is unemployed and our income quite small: taxes, bank loan, and food – not much left after that. But one day, in prayer, I heard God say I should start supporting somebody in Africa with about 20 Euros a month.

I didn’t know what else to do, I could only think and wait and pray. A couple of days later I happened to meet a friend who suddenly mentioned supporting Zambian orphans with 20 Euros a month via the Friends of Zambia!

As soon as I saw the pictures of the orphans, there he was! My own little son (who is actually 25 now), only that this little boy, Bright, was of a darker complexion! Even his birthday was the same as my boy’s, only a different year. My son was born 15.10.1989 and Bright was born 15.10.2008. That was a clear sign for me! Unbelievable resemblance to my son, even his nature seemed to be alike!

I’m deeply moved that God has allowed me to help a lovely boy, Bright, and his family. Due to Bright I have begun to look upon and appreciate life differently than before. I know now to be very grateful for the things we think of as “small”, but that are of vital importance for the people in Africa.

It is a great joy just to give, as I am also being taken care of by my Heavenly Father.

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