Friends of Zambia works closely with two partners - the ENFYS FOUNDATON in Copperbelt Province, Mufulira District, Murundu, and All God’s Children in the USA, Kansas City, Missouri.


The ENFYS FOUNDATON is focused on a Christian work with children/orphans and youth, and takes care of more than 200 orphans and vulnerable children who have lost their parents or providers to AIDS, TB, malaria or other illnesses.


All God’s Children is represented by medics Gary and Rachel Chaney, a married couple who have moved to live and work in Zambia.


The locals are not passively waiting for the aid from abroad but are in any way possible trying to better their community’s situation by being actively involved in agriculture and chicken rearing. Our help will provide them with tools to help themselves.

Cooking nshima to feed the orphans.

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