Building roofs

Typical roofs in Zambia are the grass roofs that get easily torn in storm winds and don’t hold water very well. The orphans are unable to fix the roofs. With the help of Friends of Zambia we have been able to install five metal sheet roofs by 2015 autumn.

Your support will help us to buy building materials and pay to the roof builders. Cost of one roof is approximately 250 EUR, depending on the size of the house.

Donate amount chosen by you by indicating “roof”, every Euro counts!


Donations can be made to The Friends of Zambia Estonian bank account:

MTÜ Sambia Sõbrad, SEB, EE421010220230977223

Donation account details:

Account name: MTÜ Sambia Sõbrad

Bank:  SEB (Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB)  

Account number: EE421010220230977223

Adress of the NGO:

MTÜ Sambia Sõbrad

Elva tee 6

Puhja alevik

Tartumaa 61301


Typical roof in Zambia

Weather proof roof is being built.

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