Christian school

The school founded by ENFYS in 2015 was only partially equipped by the desks and chairs in this autumn. The school kitchen has no furniture and the food is being prepared on the floor. In addition to the furniture, the new school needs study supplies and other necessary equipment.


Examples of the needs and prices: small chair for the preschool costs 3 -4 €, desk 50 – 55 €, teacher’s desk costs 62 €, the desk for the bigger children costs 64 €, textbooks for the grades from 1 to 6 cost 6 € per textbook (at least 120 are needed). Printer/scanner costs over 130 €.


Donate amount chosen by you by indicating “school equipment” or something else that you would like to donate for.

The donation can be smaller that the amounts mentioned before, every euro counts!

Donations can be made to MTÜ Sambia Sõbrad bank account SEB, EE421010220230977223

Donation account details:

Account name: MTÜ Sambia Sõbrad

Bank:  SEB (Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB)  

Account number: EE421010220230977223

Adress of the NGO:

MTÜ Sambia Sõbrad

Elva tee 6

Puhja alevik

Tartumaa 61301


Children’s food is being prepared on the floor.

We need 20 extra desks for this classroom!

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